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Fancy a challenge....why not sign up to one of our tournaments and give it a try? Here at Hit Or Miss Gaming, we can offer a full user experience across all tournaments. We have experienced staff and management to ensure all players have a great time whilst still being challenged in our competitions. Not only are our tournaments competitive but they are also fun! Also, the prize funds given out to 1st, 2nd & 3rd places are very generous, so be sure to sign up now!

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Cross-platform Tournaments

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Fortnite Tournament

Prizepool: Maximum Prize: 1st - $100 2nd - $20 | Minimum Prize: 1st - $50 2nd - $10
Tournament type: 2 Vs 2;
Registration ends: 01/16/2019 7PM EST | 4PM PT
Tournament start: 01/16/2019 7.30PM EST | 4.30PM PT
Maximum teams: 32
Bracket Type: Best of 2 Games
Platform: Cross-platform
Entry Fee: $3 per player
Tournament Region: North America